Girls Schools: The Solution, Not an Alternative

Girls schools are radically reducing Threats to Girlhood. They aren’t an alternative to consider, they are the solution. This video workshop, presented by Dr. Gloria Zemer  of BlackDog Strategy Brand at the National Conference on Girls Education was designed to ignite a movement and empower girls schools make their case, The Case for Girls Schools.

From Kools to Cancer Sticks: how policies change norms and improve health

Creating Cultural Shifts: How Northern California changed smoking policy & stole smoking’s cool image…

Ultimate Block Party on Play

Why does play matter to the Ultimate Block Party?  Because play is what fosters our love of learning, our creativity, and our curiosity; all of which are vital to our social evolution… (more…)

What Constitutes a Junk Toy?

Former specialty toy shop owner, Jerry Nimelman, outlines the tell tale signs of a junk toy. While they may look good on TV, junk toys don’t facilitate creative play, don’t have lasting value, aren’t durable or adaptable, and don’t hold the extended interest of children.

Santa’s Helper

Former Specialty Toy Shop Owner, Jerry Nimelman, talks about playing Santa’s Helper on Christmas Morning when customers had trouble setting up their new train sets.

You can hear more about Jerry’s experiences in the toy industry at

Toy Sales Before TV

Former Specialty Toy Shop Owner, Jerry Nimelman, explains how toys were sold before television advertising and how the introduction of tv advertising impacted the toy industry.

You can hear more of Jerry’s insights into the toy industry at

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