BlackDog Addresses the Missing Ethical Piece in Children’s Branding

How do brands impact our global ecology? How do we fill the industry-wide need for child-centric values? BlackDog’s latest blog, “An Oath To Do No Harm,” takes on the growing need for purposed conviction in children’s branding… “What is missing, and what is needed, is conviction. Purposed conviction turned dedicated intent, represented by a sworn commitment much like the Hippocratic Oath.”

You can checkout the post for more details on the checks and balance requirements for genuine child-centric values and principles in industry (

Michelle Obama Takes on the Food Industry

Michelle Obama has called on the Grocery Manufactures Association (GMA) and food industry representatives to adopt a new perspective that will change the way that food is sold and marketing to children and to rally support for the nation-wide “Let’s Move” campaign to address a growing threat to girlhood: childhood obesity.

You can download the speech Michelle presented to the Grocery Manufacturers Association and read Marion Nestle’s coverage of the event at:

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