2011 Summer Internship Program

Serious Play for Serious Girls is looking for a dedicated and talented crew, well-versed in related fields of study and research, to help author the 2011 Threats to Girlhood Report.


From assisting with the initial research to mailing out the final product, this team will bring existing skill sets to the table and participate in the concept-to-reality development…


Compiling this research is a not a project for the faint of heart. This is a taxing, daunting, time-intensive,  frustrating project that promises to weigh heavily on both hearts and minds. Long hours, no wages, and extensive footnotes await the successful applicants. The reward for this endeavor will include: the ability to spur monumental change in social policy, educational practices, and business ethics; an opportunity to radically improve the lives of girls and the world in which they will become women; and the knowledge that your efforts and sacrifice helped positively shape our global evolution.


As part of the challenging work experience, these internships will offer opportunities for hands-on training in: research, content strategy, publication design, editorial design, public relations, collaborative content engineering, brand development, and not-for-profit management.
You can scope out the official 2011 Call for Summer Interns for more details.

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