About Us

Serious Play for Serious Girls is a not-for-profit working to preserve play and radically reduce Threats to Girlhood by improving the impact Brands have on the lifelong wellbeing of girls.

Play is Serious because it develops girls’ sense of self and cognitive abilities; teaches creative and constructive problem solving, self expression, and emotional intelligence; contributes to character and skill development; impacts the roles that girls think of as normal and natural; and has been shown to both prevent and help overcome existing Threats to Girlhood.

The Serious Play for Serious Girls foundation is funded and overseen by the social activists at BlackDog Strategy & Brand, who are committed to improving the impact brands have on the state of play, the lifelong wellbeing of girls, and our ongoing cultural evolution. 

Brands don’t exist in vacuums; they impact and influence the world around us. Because the modeling and messaging conveyed by girls’ toys, products, and brands impacts girls’ childhood development and life-long wellness, we know it matters what girls’ brands say, convey, and sell.

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